Educational and Cultural Volunteer Programs to be Funded by AFOSE

The transcendent purpose of the educational and cultural volunteer programs is to foster a greater connection between Americans of all faiths and the people and promise of Israel. Through your donations, AFOSE will fund the following initiatives:

Teens and High School Students:

Mechinot Partnerships

We will create partnerships with Israeli “mechinot”– leadership academies where young Israelis and young Americans will volunteer side-by-side in agriculture and logistics operations and where both can learn and experience Israel through the eyes of the volunteers. Each program will include educational and cultural discussions and in- depth inquiries into the nature, history and complexities of Israeli society. These programs are fully customizable and can range from one day to several days.

Youth Group Partnerships

AFOSE will work with Jewish and non- Jewish youth groups to arrange specific volunteer opportunities through Sar El to provide a very real- life exposure to the challenges and opportunities of life in Israel. Young volunteers can experience the excitement and comraderie of volunteering to provide logistical support on military bases, Air Force and Navy installations and agriculture.

Jewish and Non Jewish Volunteer Opportunities for Missions to Israel:

Whether Birthright, Momentum, NFTY, BBYO, USY, local Federation, Synagogue, Church, Community or other travel missions to Israel, AFOSE will develop an educational and cultural component to the trip that is customized to the needs of the participants.

Profession- Specific Volunteer Experiences:

AFOSE will work with Sar El to develop volunteer experiences that are tailored to professional backgrounds of the American volunteers. For example, medical professional groups may choose to participate through Sar El’s partnership with Magen David Adom. Similarly, those volunteers with construction, engineering or manual arts experience may wish to assist with volunteer efforts that place a premium on those skills. AFOSE, in conjunction with Sar El, will develop a custom experience to meet those demands.

If you have a program that you would like funded, please contact us

Your gift today makes a difference in Israel’s tomorrow