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Sar-El partners with AFOSE

Today, Sar-El, the national volunteer project of Israel, announced its collaboration with the newly-created, American Friends of Sar El (AFOSE).


Volunteers Save Lives

Sar-El is an organization that has been the lifeblood of support for Israel for countless years, bringing thousands of volunteers from across the world to assist the IDF.


Calling all individuals aged 18-35!

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to volunteer in Israel.

Dates: June 16-20 and July 7-11

Start packing for an immersive journey filled with special activities and firsthand encounters. Experience the true spirit of the IDF as you contribute to meaningful initiatives and make a lasting impact.

Eye on Israel: Keren Dahan (Sar-El Volunteers) 

Shahar Azani speaks with CEO of Sar-El Volunteers Keren Dahan about the increase in both Jewish and non-Jewish volunteers dedicating their time to Israel since October 7th.

Taking The Fight To Hamas – One Can Of Tuna At A Time

When my grandkids ask me what I did to help Israel in the great war against Hamas, I know just what I’ll say.

Sugar Land attorney volunteers with Sar-El to support IDF

Like many of his fellow Americans, Kevin Lipson watched the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks with a sense of horror and shock. He wanted nothing more than to help Israelis.

Sarel during wartime

Sarel is the first to join the IDF war effort

Moms Of Lone Soldiers Volunteer For SAR-EL

Mothers of Lone Soldiers in Israel volunteering at the 40 year old Sar-El – The National Project for Volunteers for Israel organization. But since October 7, more volunteers than ever have heeded the call of duty.

Your gift today makes a difference in Israel’s tomorrow